500 Gold per Hour Goldfarming - Mining in Nagrand - Early Level 70 Goldfarm in TBC Classic


One of the benefits to getting to level 70 early is enjoying Goldfarms with a lot less competition than usual, and my goal is to show you multiple different goldfarms in TBC Classic! Today we are looking at Mining in TBC Classic, and even tho this is obviously a good way to make gold, I want to test Mining for an hour, and show you the results from 1 hour of mining in Nagrand so you know the gold per hour from Mining right now!

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0:00 500 Gold per hour Mining Goldfarm
1:18 Mining Route in Nagrand
2:40 Farming Gold With Mining
3:20 Results From One Hour of Mining
4:06 Farming Gold in TBC Classic
5:30 The Gold per hour - Total Gold
6:38 Outro
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