Cheapest Ethereum Mining Rig in India | Budget Mining Rig in ₹50000 |Ethereum Mining Rig


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In this video I have discussed how to make Ethereum mining rig in only Rs 50000.
Topics covered
:-How to setup Ethereum mining rig
:-How much it costs to make a Ethereum mining Rig
:-What equipment you need to setup mining rig (Motherboard,Ram, Graphics card,Power supply )
:-Where you can buy Graphics card for Ethereum Mining
:-Which processor is good For Ethereum Mining
:-What other coins you can mine from Graphics card
:-How much it costs to buy 1660 Super graphics card.
:-How much profit you can earn from Ethereum mining
:-How much investment you need to make Ethereum mining rig
:-Which platform you should use to do Ethereum Mining
:-How you'll receive your money from Ethereum mining
:-How to get money from Mining
:-My daily earning shown in video
:-How you'll create wallet for Ethereum Mining
:-How you'll use Nicehash for Mining
:-Which software is needed for Ethereum Mining

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