Chia mining: profits after 3 weeks of mining chia coin


What do we cover in this video?
- 00:00 introduction
- 00:17 My Chia mining setup
- 02:54 What are the results
- 04:23 Plotting configuration
- 06:01 Return on investment
- 09:20 Chia farming pools

In this video I'm following up on my Chia Network mining project. Right now I have the following mining rig to get me some chia coin:
- CPU: AMD Ryzeb 9 3900x
- MOBO: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite
- DDR4: 2x32GB 3600Mhz
- SSD windows: HyperX A400 240GB SSD
- SSD plotting: 2 x Cruycial P5 2TB nvme
- HDD farming: 3 x Toshiba N300 10TB drive

I'm plotting about 16 plots per day and that allowed me to take the estimated time to win a block rewards from 7 years to 6 months. I think if I optimise the setup and keep plotting, I can get my estimated time to win down to 3 months. The question is: do I want to take the financial risk of buying fasters SSD's and more HDD's for my farms.

One thing is for sure: Chia farm is a nog investment and not for everyone.

Useful links:
- Chia website:
- Chia Calculator:
- @Son of a Tech :
- Whitepaper:
- Coingecko link:
- Chia CorePoool:

Chia resources cheat-sheet for 1 plot:
- MEMORY: 4GB of RAM per plot
- CPU: 2 Threads per plot
- SSD space: 256GB per plot

Thanks to @Mining Chamber :

#chia #chiamining #bitcoin

Let's get on that crypto train!


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