CRYPTO ICO AND TOKEN LISTING SECRETS UNVEILED - Crypto ICO Explained, Token Listings Explained


In all honesty and transparency, I tried trading at World Premiere the CWAR-USDT token and took a nice $1000 loss from it (premiered at KuCoin at ). Please do notice from the one-minute chart the small hill at the very first minutes. With a slightly better entry, I would have almost doubled my money, but the entry didn’t work, so money was lost. So while it is an awesome opportunity to make massive profits in a matter of a few minutes, it’s also a massive opportunity to lose a lot of money. In this video, I will go deep into what are ICO’s and how you can get the benefit of being early in a coin.

00:00 ICO And Token Listing (Story Time)
03:24 ICO Explained
03:53 DEX ICO, DEX IDO, Launchpads Explained
06:36 CEX ICO, CEX Token Listings
08:45 CEX ICO, World Premier And Crypto Trading Examples

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