Following the stars and moon phases on our road to Venus. Here is your roadmap for when to buckle in


Much Venus love to the XRP family. Make a dent in your universe and someone else's and sign and tweet SGB petitions (Kraken n Coinbase).

Want SGB? Simple 30 second solution to success my friends.
Mass Action, Repetition , Sense of Urgency. Looming next deadline for SGB snapshot!!

Won't stop till we all have our SGB family!
Cheers ~ Rob, Venice Island
Kraken Petition

Coinbase Petition

PATREON and 24k Beer Flight Club ~ trading group
Buy Rob a beer or a beer flight on Patreon or join 24k Beer Flight Club trading group!

Trade SongBird token on Bitrue: Super fast to setup, i like them! other great coins too.

How I Dollar Cost Average now about $75 a day into XRP from a 300 investment:

My Hyperfund info video, how I DCA into XRP with. My best performer of 2020 and 2021

I am compounding avg 15 to 30 percent monthly. Think money grows fast at that rate??
Check yourself with my favorite compound interest calculator.

HYPER FUND ( This is how I DCA $75 daily into XRP now , my XRP money tree!!)
You can set up FREE Acccount with this link below. , then DM me in comments ,
twitter or Telegram group.

Join our XRP Telegram Group.
Level up your knowledge, become a better investor.
Super Fun Every Day ( and we have our own in house DJ ;)

must watch xrp use case price off of Japanese corridor!!

And if you want to follow me on Twitter:

XRP Captain 590

HYPER FUND ( This is how I DCA $69 daily into XRP now , my XRP money tree!!)
You can set up FREE Acccount, DM and I will send you info, vid on.

Binance exchange alternative
HOO exchange ( two thumbs up btw )

Airdrop dates and percentage for all six

XRP Rich list! my XRP Game of Thrones Challenge! See how hi you can move up!!

ITrustCapital ! Best move you can do, nfa! lol
When you get to the credit card to pay for monthly billing it has PROMO CODE
use my code vwtagp

Free , no cost to create an account, you fund later with USDT to your Hyperfund address.
Join my telegram and I can answer your questions on this there.

Airdrop dates and percentage for all six

BEST is yet to come!
Rob ~ Venice Island

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