Helium Hotspot miners Bobcat announces batch 6 Nebra's new shipping schedule


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In this video i give you the details of Batch 6 by of helium hotspot miners by Bobcat. We look at the latest shipping schedule by Nebra and i also give you some gossip about what has been goin on with LongAP and Cal-Chip.

Dislcaimer: This video is for educational purposes only. The Information in this video is based on my personal experience and opinions only. None of the Information in this video should be construed as financial advice. For financial advice, please contact a suitably qualified financial adviser. Please do your own research before making any financial commitments.

Your mining results will vary depending on several factors such as your location and the number of other Hotspot miners near you. (The links below are affiliate links and the vendor may pay me a small commission).

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