Ico Review/Analysis - 20 Years of Ico


Hey, this is Table 53 and this is my Ico review / analysis / retrospective for the Ico 20th Anniversary later in 2021. Ico was Fumito Ueda's first project as a game director and one of the most influential titles of the 21st century. This video is a fair bit longer than most I have written, but there's a lot about Ico that was worth saying - its themes, characters, art, and design philosophy all needed mentioning, as well as a look at Ico's legacy and impact. As Ueda's debut game was released in 2001, we are approaching Ico's 20th Anniversary and so this felt like a good time to write this video.

I understand that YouTube is becoming a place for long videos, but if 1 hour + is too much for you, this video is watchable at speed (though and 2x are a bit odd).

Thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoy the video!

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Intro and Ico – 00:00
The premise and the opening cutscene – 05:20
The Gameplay and the immersion – 09:31
Saving Yorda and fighting shadows – 21:40
The lonely castle and design by subtraction – 29:53
The apex of the relationship and the most Iconic moment in video gaming – 43:00
The legacy and “inspired by Ico” – 49:56
Ico alone and the end of the game – 1:02:16
Outro and NICO - 1:15:40

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