Macrotech Developers Lodha IPO Review – By AssetYogi


Macrotech Developers (Formerly, Lodha Developers) IPO review and analysis in hindi. Let’s look into one of the largest real estate developer’s details, their industry presence and their financial standing and Macrotech Developers IPO details like listing date, issue size, allotment date, share price, issue price, etc. which will help us decide whether to buy this IPO or not.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 – Intro
01:45 – Company & its Business
03:17 – Promoters & Shareholding
04:08 – Financials
06:05 – Valuations
06:54 – Industry Analysis
08:27 – Competitor’s Analysis
08:50 – SWOT
11:57 – IPO Details

About the Video:

Macrotech Developers, formerly known as Lodha Developers, are one of the largest real estate developers in India operating in MMR and Pune. With a diversified portfolio offering, they have a strong position in the MMR market and a well-established brand name. they offer residential products in the affordable, mid-income, premium and luxury ranges; logistics and industry parks and commercial products. Famous for their Lodha World Towers, Macrotech developers had previously filed for an IPO twice. However, due to certain reasons, it could not be pursued further and now finally, after applying for the third time, their IPO is ready to be launched tomorrow. Although a long-standing company with many strengths, Macrotech Developers’ high debt situation raises a red flag for its investors. The ongoing and future real estate trends would also have a big impact on the success of this company. Let’s dig deep into this IPO and bring to light all the necessary details.

The Macrotech Developers IPO opens tomorrow on the 7th of April 2021 and closes on the 26th of April 2021 with a fresh issue of ₹2500 Cr which makes up their total issue size. In this Macrotech Developers IPO review and analysis video, let us have a detailed look into the company, its business, its market standing and financials. Also, let's list down all the necessary Lodha Developers IPO details like the listing, issue types, IPO size, Lodha IPO date, etc. We believe, after watching this IPO review and analysis video along with all the latest IPO news on the upcoming IPOs, you would be able to make an informed decision, whether to apply for this IPO or not.

Questions Answered in this Video:
1. What is Macrotech Developers Limited and what is their business?
2. Where do Lodha Developers Limited operate?
3. Who are the promoters of this company?
4. Company details and shareholding pattern.
5. Financials of Lodha Macrotech Developers
6. Valuation of the company
7. What are the Indian Real Estate Trends?
8. What are the Indian real estate industry forecasts?
9. Competitive peers of Macrotech Developers Limited.
10. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this company.
11. Lodha IPO analysis.
12. Macrotech IPO date, listing date, share price, etc.
13. How to apply IPO online?
14. Should you apply for this IPO or not?
15. How to apply IPO in Zerodha?

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