Mining for 10 Hours Straight (Nether Edition)


I did 10 hours of Nether mining. Can we smash 420 likes?? Also thanks for 35k subs, you're all insane.

Netherite mining is way different from mining diamonds. Netherite is crafted from netherite scrabs, an item you get from smelting ancient debris, a new block that spawns at y-8 to y-22. This range is huge, which makes it difficult to mine in huge quantities. Furthermore, only 1-3 spawn at once, and you cannot utilize the effect of a fortune 3 pickaxe. But it's still a fun thing to do!

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-Ericovich - Lagoon [Copyright Free Trap Music]

-[No Copyright Music] Uplifting Corporations - Ramol (Original)

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Marin Hoxha & Chris Linton - With You [NCS Release]
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