Mining Helium ($HNT) - Is It Too Late? Which Miner Arrives The Quickest? Which Miner Is The Best?


In Today's video, we will be answering your Most Asked Questions, Part 2, about Helium and Mining Helium.

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0:00 Intro
2:25 What Is the Max Witnesses?
3:27 Don't Cluster. The Incentive
5:25 How Much Can 1 or 2 Miners Make?
7:29 Should I gift 1 to a friend?
8:26 Which Miner Is the Best?
9:08 Best Miner IN MY OPINION
11:00 How much data does the miner use?
12:35 How to transfer & Sell HNT
14:10 Which Miner Arrives the quickest?
16:07 What is the future of Helium?
17:59 What will HNT be worth?
19:22 Is it too late to start mining?
21:52 Is it safe?
23:47 Unlimited Hotspots on 1 Account?
24:24 Can This be used in a vehicle?
25:08 No hotspots near
25:38 Can you stop at any time?
26:49 How to pitch to neighbors/businesses?
29:39 What if a company buys 50-100 miners?
30:35 Best Antenna?
31:50 Best place to buy Miner?
32:47 Can you mine without hotspots?
33:26 Helium Explorer
34:59 Helium Place
36:20 Helium Website
38:07 Closing

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