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MTAR IPO Review and Analysis in Hindi. One of the leading national players in precision engineering, MTAR Technologies Limited IPO is set to launch and we are ready with a detailed IPO analysis with all the necessary MTAR Technologies IPO Details in Hindi for you.
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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
02:50 – Company & its Business
04:17 – Promoters & Shareholding
05:04 – Financials of MTAR Technologies Ltd.
07:39 – Valuations of MTAR Limited
08:18 – Industry Analysis
08:59 – Competitor’s Analysis
09:46 – SWOT
15:23 – IPO Details
About the Video:
MTAR Technologies, leading national player in precision engineering, is engaged in the manufacturing of mission-critical precision components with close tolerance and in critical assemblies through its precision machining, assembly, specialised fabrication, testing and quality control processes. The company has ISRO, DRDO, NPCIL, Bloom Energy, Rafael, etc lined up in its client roster. Competing with national and international competitors, the company has shown stable financial performances in the past years. However, the industry it operates in and the nature of business has low tolerance for errors, which poses as a challenge for all the players of this industry. MTAR Technologies focuses on clean energy sector as its key customer.
The issue size is of upto Crores for the MTAR IPO which is set to open the 3rd of March 2021. Let’s have a closer look into the MTAR Technologies IPO details and get to know all about the MTAR Technologies share price, IPO listings, issue type, lot size, and other essential things necessary to know before applying for this IPO. With all of these IPO details and a complete MTAR Technologies IPO review, we bring to you this video along with full company analysis, financials, valuations, quick SWOT analysis and a detailed peer comparison to make it easy for you to decide whether to subscribe or not.

Questions Answered in this Video:
1. What is the business of MTAR Technologies Limited?
2. When was MTAR established?
3. What is the business of MTAR Technologies Pvt.
4. What is precision and accuracy?
5. Who are the major shareholders of this company?
6. How does the share holding pattern look pre and post-issue?
7. MTAR Technologies Limited financials
8. What does the precision engineering industry look like?
9. Who are the competitors of this company?
10. Strengths and weaknesses of MTAR
11. MTAR Technologies IPO details along with MTAR Technologies IPO Analysis
12. What is the price band of this IPO?
13. How to apply for the Initial Public Offer through Zerodha?
14. Subscribe or not for the IPO MTAR Technologies?
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