Nervos Launches BSC Force Bridge! BIG NEWS For Entire Crypto Market


Thank you Nervos for sponsoring this video and for our collaboration.

CKB / BSC force bridge -
Forcebridge :
Blog :
YokaiSwap :
Ongoing IOHK x Nervos research partnership and Cardano bridge (in progress)

Intro 00:00
Blockchains coming together 00:40
Nervos news - Binance smart chain 1:15
Beyond interoperability 2:10
Ethereum Nervos force bridge 2:45
Why this is important for crypto ecosystem 3:25
YokaiSwap 4:15
Nervos Cardano force bridge 5:50
Meld and SundaeSwap 6:00
Nervos connecting the dots 7:00
CKB on the charts 7:10

Nervos has announced big news for their second force bridge connecting Nervos and Binance smart chain. This nervos news is big news for the entire crypto market. It started with an Ethereum force bridge, now BSC. And more to come like the Cardano force bridge.

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