PowerGrid InvIT IPO Analysis| What are InvITs| PowerGrid InvIT IPO Detailed Review


PowerGrid Infrastructure Investment Trust is set to open its initial public offering opens from 29th April to 3rd May, the first InvIT to be launched by the government company. Infrastructure Investment Trust invests in infrastructure projects in India for eg. in Roads & Highways, Power & Telecom Transmission Towers, Solar, and Wind Projects, etc.
PowerGrid Infrastructure Investment Trust (PGIIT) is set up to own, construct, operate, maintain and invest as an infrastructure investment trust as permissible in terms of the InvIT Regulations, including in power transmission assets in India. It is registered with SEBI as an InvIT on January 7, 2021. So, in this video, we have covered all the details of the IPO which will help you to decide whether or not to invest. So this video includes -

0:00 Industry Analysis
1:22 Introduction
2:21 What are InvITs?
5:47 About the Trust
7:48 Object of Offer
8:12 Strengths
11:40 Risks
14:45 Financials
15:26 Peers
16:17 Valuations
17:16 IPO Details

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