RIPPLE IS FIGHTING BACK! SETTLEMENT INCOMING? XRP News Today-xrp news-Defense attorney Jeremy hogan


RIPPLE IS FIGHTING BACK! SETTLEMENT INCOMING? XRP News Today-xrp news-Defense attorney Jeremy hogan
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ripple xrp lawsuit update.
ripple xrp is being offensive against SEC.
In its legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Ripple went on the attack, asking that Hinman, the former director of the watchdog's Division of Corporation Finance, testify on the agency's cryptocurrency rules.
attorney james k filan twitted about this,
breaking : Ripple and the Individual Defendant’s have filed a letter with the Court informing Judge Netburn that the William Hinman deposition has been re-noticed for July 19, 2021.
They’re saying to Judge Netburn that they would like a decision denying the SEC’s Motion to Quash before then so they can take Mr. Hinman’s that day.
It is good Ripple is being aggressive. Something is in the works. Ripple wanted a summary judgment by August. Given the discovery extension this was not possible but I think they know they have the upper hand now for settlement. I feel something will happen by August.
If Judge Netburn authorizes Hinman's subpoena, I believe the SEC will have to settle. Hinman will disintegrate in front of the legal team, who have prepared the necessary questions and evidence to fire at him and the court. Whether or whether it was overruled is debatable. It has been heard.
How many times does the SEC have to disregard the Judge before she gives up and dismisses the case? So discourteous.
the SEC argued in its petition to quash that there were tight limits on deposing high-ranking government officials. As a result, approving the testimony would create a precedent for a plethora of similar instances, discouraging attorneys from seeking positions in government.

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