Ripple XRP & Bitcoin - Official SEC Lawsuit Update & News 2021 XRP Future Price ($2.3) SKYROCKET?


Breaking Ripple SEC Lawsuit update from Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple Labs

One of the ways which Ripple can end this lawsuit is by getting the senior executives to file a motion that will quash the lawsuit personally against them. If granted it will be a huge victory to Ripple and would lead to a massive upswing in XRP price. But how will they do that?

Today Ripple CEO’s attorneys requested foreign discovery related to XRP transactions that would show the court that the majority of the transactions happened outside the United States. If that is proven then it means the lawsuit would be outside the jurisdictions of the SEC.

Also in the video we will take a look at the short-term XRP price prediction and other news related to it and how it will impact XRP. This and more XRP news today!
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