Rockman X Dive - iCO Gameplay


Rockman X Dive - iCO Gameplay
To show her stuff, strong but can be still killed, her shield is only 60% and doesnt last long but it's a good thing, it can be activated often if used well.

1 - Coop Challenge mode
Split Mushroom hurts, we rushed a bit too much but it's fun :)
2 - PVP
The cube around her throw little cubes who create a shield 60% at me and give me 30% more damage and can go through walls too with DNA passives, good damage!
3 - Jakob Elevator challenge mode
Spheres can be killed only with swords.

She's very strong but without her cube shield, she can be in trouble, the summoned things who throw projectiles dont do much damage, more for PVE/Jakob Elevator.
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