Stay away from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin ONLY for this purpose


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When you think of cryptocurrencies, you imagine extremely long or extremely short candlesticks with prices moving up and down, unhinged. But, have you ever wondered if that very cryptocurrency could one day be how you’d receive your paycheck? How do you feel about it? Do you prefer it? And if not, why?

While all of these questions were answered, one important question is yet to be answered – What cryptocurrency can be the best to pay wages in, and why NOT Bitcoin?

Salary in Bitcoin?
According to the findings of a recent survey, about of the respondents would not mind being paid in cryptocurrencies.

What’s more, there are also those who while not entirely willing to get paid in crypto, will be open to being paid part of their salaries in crypto.

On being asked which coins would they prefer, the answer, as expected, was not surprising. About of them voted for Bitcoin, while another said Ethereum and preferred *drumroll* Dogecoin
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