The Basics of IPOs | Learn with Upstox ft. Pranjal Kamra


IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a way to invest in companies before they get listed on the Stock Market. From tech giants to fast-food chains, IPOs let you invest in the growth stories of your favourite companies before they hit the Market.

But what exactly are IPOs? And how do they work? To find answers to these, watch our engaging and easy-to-understand video from the #LearnWithUpstox series. We promise, no technical terms, only simple explanations!

Upstox is one of India’s fastest-growing investment platforms. With an easy-to-use interface and an informative dashboard, we make investments accessible & convenient for everyone.

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Timestamps: -
00:00 - Introduction
00:13 - The Basics of IPO
01:50 - What does it mean to the company?
02:10 - What does it mean for Investors?
03:58 - Should you invest in IPO
09:38 - Difference Between FPO & right Issues
09:04 - What is FPO?
10:50 - How to invest in IPO with Upstox
12:24 - Closing

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