This Company is Buying DOGE Miners and offering MINING to its USERS?!


A social media streaming giant has completed the purchase of Dogecoin miners and is adding cryptocurrency wallets and crypto mining support to their app that includes DOGE?!
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More companies than ever are investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DOGE Dogecoin but the most interesting development is companies investing into actual crypto mining farms like how Hello Pal is literally buying a Doge mining farm, and by buying an actual dogecoin mining farm they will be able to easily mine Dogecoin and Litecoin LTC which enables them to effectively sell mining services to their users at great rates instead of paying a mark-up on the cryptocurrencies. Miners mine crypto at the best rates possible as you simply have to buy the mining rig and pay the electric bill. Let's review Hello Pal an Asian livestreaming social media giant looking to rival Twitch and TikTok, who launched their own token, and have purchased a mining farm in 2021!

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Hello Pal signs definitive purchase agreement for Dogecoin mining farm -
Hello Pal launches Bitcoin mining options for users -
Hello Pal adds BTC and ETH wallet along with Ethereum mining -
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Hello Pal buys 15% of Dogecoin mining farm -
Hello Pal record revenue growth of 900% last year -
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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 This company is buying crypto miners!
01:42 $1000 FREE CRYPTO giveaway!
02:19 Hello Pal's social media app with crypto
03:38 Hello Pal is now looking to buy crypto miners
05:15 LTC Hashrate & Mining Pools
06:54 My current LTC & DOGE mining profitability
07:34 Mining bitcoin from their social media app!
08:38 Hello Pal have grown rapidly outside of China
09:51 Hello Pal HLLPF stock review

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