What are the BEST Cryptocurrency Exchanges for US CITIZENS?!


What are the best cryptocurrency exchanges for US citizens? We review and rank the top crypto exchanges available to people living in the USA along with the best sign-up bonuses! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

Spoiler, we think that CryptoCom is the best cryptocurrency exchange for US citizens thanks to their $50 sign-up bonus using this link, as well as their cryptocurrency VISA debit card, and staking platform where you can earn passive income interest on your crypto coins -

This is not only a top question that we receive but honestly, it is a top question that I frequently have lol. I have literally searched the question of what are the best crypto exchanges for US citizens 2020 or what cryptocurrency exchanges allow citizens in 2020?! So recently I set out to test and review all of the top-ranked and best cryptocurrency exchanges, however I'm not only interested in how you can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with USD, but also trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into newer and potentially high ROI altcoins. All of the cryptocurrency exchanges reviewed in this video we have personally deposited crypto into, traded, and withdrawn Bitcoins and other crypto coins from. The ranking criteria is rather simple, what cryptocurrency exchanges are the best for someone in the USA to turn their dollars into Bitcoin and other coins AND THEN offer them services that increase the buying/selling/trading experience as well as allow them to earn additional coins through passive income staking.

CryptoCom app exchange w/ $50 free sign-up -
Gemini Bitcoin & altcoin exchange w/ $10 free sign-up -
Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange w/ $10 free sign-up -
Binance US cryptocurrency exchange -
Kraken cryptocurrency exchange -
Shapeshift quick crypto coin exchange -
Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange -

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