If you have been watching our videos then you might remember about Tom Emmer, who is a United States representative, tweeting about the Financial Services Republicans press release about Central Bank Digital Currency principles. He had said that Any Central Bank Digital Currency must maintain America’s global leadership & allow private-sector innovators to lead the way, but most importantly, it must be open, permissionless, and private – like cash.
Now, this same person said, a year ago, before the lawsuit was filed that XRP is not a security. In August 2020, Representative Tom Emmer hosted the first-ever Cryptocurrency Town Hall, which brought together a number of Blockchain industry experts. Brad Garlinghouse, the Ripple CEO was also a part of it and he outlined that the biggest challenge faced by Ripple so far is the lack of clarity around the regulatory status of XRP. He said, “The biggest challenge Ripple has faced and anyone developing in the XRP community has faced is the lack of clarity on how assets beyond Bitcoin and Ether are gonna be defined by the SEC.”
Addressing the issue at the Cryptocurrency Town Hall, Emmer delivered his own verdict: “My position is very clear. XRP is not a security.”Emmer went on to say that authorities risk local businesses fleeing outside of the if the government continues to kill innovation. The purpose of mentioning this here is just to prove that the congress did not just turn towards Ripple’s side. They are of the same view way before the lawsuit was actually filed.

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