XRP Holders Be AWARE Ripple XRP Falling Soon...Ripple XRP News Today | Ripple XRP Update Today | XRP


XRP Holders Be AWARE Ripple XRP Falling XRP News Today | Ripple XRP Update Today | XRP

"When we think of a crypto asset as a 
security, we say it is sold as part of  

an investment agreement." Commissioner Hester 
Peirce of the SEC, also known as 'crypto moms,'  

recently said the SEC should concentrate less on 
enforcement and more on regulatory clarity. Ms.  

Peirce informed Bloomberg TV of the intentions 
of the SEC when she filed a complaint against  

a non-registered securities offering company. 
When we think a crypto asset is a security thing,  

we say it's sold as part of an investment 
contract. It does not necessarily mean that  

the asset itself must be a security. It means it 
was sold as a safety. This may also concern XRP,  

even if she does not comment 
on ongoing SEC proceedings.

The regulating authority has claimed throughout 
the proceedings that Ripple's XRP is a safeguard  

because of its centralized nature and is thus 
regulated. Ripple says that it has not held an  

ICO, nor can its digital asset be defined 
as security since it proves that it is a  

utility in cross-border payments every day 
worldwide. A Digital Assets Working Group  

of Democratic Members was established by the 
House Financial Services Committee last week,  

according to the chairman Maxine Waters 
(D-CA), during the first hearing held  

by the Financial Technology Task Force. The 
working group could only go so far in its  

claims and proposals if it is composed only by 
the Democrats. Nevertheless, it seems that the  

US Congress has moved on and took initiatives. The 
time limit for discovery was extended by 60 days.

So far, XRP price has littered its wounds with 
$ in three months, reaching the lowest.  

A month-long symmetric triangle formation on 
the daily chart, the XRP price confirmed a  

downside breakup, with the bears closed daily 
to $ below the increasing trendline. An  

unprecedented break was unavoidable since the 
price in that period was lower. In addition,  

the Relative Strength Index (RSI) remains listed 
beneath the midline, supporting Ripple's downbeat  

mood. Thus the 200-day moving average (DMA) of 
$ could expose a continuous break down  

to below the low at $ On the other 
side, the triangle resistance of $  

could challenge the road to recovery. The 
purchaser looks then to recover the round $,  

above which the resistance to triangles 
is $ The symmetrical breakdown  

will probably be invalidated by a 
convincing break above the last one.

The whole crypto market is in crisis; 
not just the XRP is going down. All the  

ten largest cryptocurrencies have been 
significantly reduced in the past week,  

particularly during the last 24 hours of the 
coin market cap. Cryptocurrencies have always  

been a volatile investment, and a downturn is 
not necessary. The announcement made by Elon  

Musk in May that Tesla would no longer accept 
Bitcoin as payment was a contributing factor.  


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