XRP I Bitboy Crypto: THIS Is The Most SHOCKING Ripple News EVER!


XRP I Bitboy Crypto: THIS Is The Most SHOCKING Ripple News EVER!

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Most people are familiar with him as bittboy crypto, which he earned via his increasingly successful YouTube channel, which when paired with his other platforms has elevated him to a position as one of the most sought-after characters in the cryptocurrency universe. As an investor and cryptocurrency enthusiast, I am familiar with what he has to say about Ripple. He is a personal financial influencer investor and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Thank you for watching another sighting video from the xrp zone, and welcome back. Befor we get into the specifics, I'd want to remind everyone that they can subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive additional daily updates.

Let's get this party started. While a number of coins have seen tremendous gains, they are now nearing the bottom of the top 100; XRP is currently the top coin in the top 24 games; so, why is this the case still ongoing? Is it because the matter is going to be resolved and because we are seeing movement or people attempting to get ahead of the price of XRP in preparation for the massive momentum wave that is on its way? Because that's not what's going on right now, we'll see if XRP can continue to move if the SEC action isn't addressed immediately. If the SEC action isn't resolved quickly, the price of XRP will fall. Yes, without a question, it is a digital currency, and it is among the top ten. X RP will continue to move in lockstep with the rest of the top ten digital currencies.

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