XRP (Ripple) The Future Of Digital Banking! ISO 20022 Countdown Begins November 2022


XRP (Ripple) The Future Of Digital Banking! ISO 20022 Countdown Begins November 2022

Welcome to the future of digital banking! In a new world where Cash will be nonexistent, Traditional boundaries within the financial services industry will disappear by 2030, with a move towards ‘platformication’ - where banks allow customers to choose services personalized for their needs from a range of providers. To facilitate this, banks will become an orchestrator of various alliances and capabilities, which may be owned by them or by others. Digital currencies go from emerging market to mainstream, As cash disappears over the next decade and digitization reaches its next logical step ( corporate digital currencies such as Libra or central bank digital fiat); opportunities for a shadow economy, worker exploitation, and fraud will continue to
be reduced.

The countdown to moving to the ISO 20022 standard starts now.

Around the world, experts are noting that high-value systems like SWIFT Worldwide, Target2, EBA, and others, are mandating the implementation of ISO 20022. To effectively manage expectations, timelines have been given for ISO 20022 adoption. In most cases, November 2022 is the date to remember. In 12 months, banks will begin to recognize ISO 20022 as the standard for high-value payments systems. It is projected that ISO 20022 will be so widely implemented that SWIFT is estimating 79% of high-value payments by volume and 87% of payments by value will already have migrated to ISO 20022 by 2023 if current deadlines are met. The time to act is now, those who continue to prolong migration efforts could risk missing the variety of benefits associated with early adoption.

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE! Crypto's are not going anywhere! XRP Ripple To the Moon!

Enjoy the video! Stay safe everyone.

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